Electric vs Hybrid vs Petrol Cars
Electric vs Hybrid vs Petrol Cars

Electric vs Hybrid vs Petrol Cars

30 November 2023

Electric Vehicle – A car that runs completely on electricity, stored in its onboard batteries, recharged via cable.


Electric cars are propelled solely by an electric motor, unlike hybrid cars which have two different power sources. In Singapore, the government has provided incentives for people who purchase electric vehicles as a way to encourage more people to purchase electric cars instead.


The Electric Vehicle (EV) Early Adoption Incentive will be extended by two years to Dec 31, 2025. From Jan 1, 2024 to Dec 31, 2024, owners who register fully electric cars and taxis will receive a rebate of 45 per cent off the Additional Registration Fee (ARF), at a revised cap of S$15,000.Ā 


Hybrid Vehicle –Ā  Cars that run using a combination of a conventional petrol engine and an electric motor and batteries. There are a range of different hybrids you can choose from, including plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), self-charging hybrids, mild hybrids and full hybrids.

Whereas for Hybrid cars, there are a few different variations.Ā 

  • Plug-In HybridĀ 

Equipped with both an electric motor and an ICE so that they donā€™t rely solely on electric power. The battery in a PHEV needs to be charged through an external power source, hence the name ā€˜plug-in’. If you forget to charge, these cars use the regenerative braking system, so they can also self-charge.

Regenerative braking in hybrid cars works by capturing energy from the friction created through the clamping of the disc by a pair of brake pads,Ā  to recharge the onboard battery pack.Ā 

  • Mild Hybrid

Mild hybrids are fitted with both an electric motor and an ICE but their onboard battery packs are much smaller. This means that the batteries can provide just enough power to assist the engine and onboard electronics but not to propel the car by itself.

  • Full Hybrid/Self-Charging Hybrid

It uses both an electric motor and an ICE either independently or simultaneously. They have a smaller battery pack which holds lesser amount of electric charge and is more suitable for shorter city drives. The smaller battery size also means that it can be fully charged quicker.


Petrol – A car that runs on spark-ignited internal combustion and requires regular fuel top-ups.


Petrol cars have something called the internal combustion engine (ICE) which is where heat energy from burning fuel is converted into torque to move your car. The roaring noise that you hear from beneath the car is partly due to the thousands of ignitions that happen every minute within the engine.


Electric Cars
Environmentally FriendlyCost more
Charge at your convenienceĀ Long charging time
QuieterCharging infrastructureĀ 
Cheaper to maintainĀ Higher road tax
Hybrid Cars
Eco FriendlyCost more than petrol cars
Lower Fuel CostsStill consumes fossil fuels
Petrol Cars
Cheaper to purchaseExpensive FuelĀ 
Longer RangeExpensive to MaintainĀ 
Convenient to top up petrolHarmful to EnvironmentĀ 

With the government rebates, electric cars are now much more affordable to purchase and own compared to its similar petrol counterparts. At BW Automobiles, we have 2 electric cars in our showroom, the Jaguar I-PACE HSEĀ  and Tesla Model Y Performance so head on down to our showroom to find out more today!


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