Buying Used Cars Is The Better Choice
Buying Used Cars Is The Better Choice

Buying Used Cars Is The Better Choice

By nature, everyone would tend to prefer owning something that is brand new regardless of how big or small the purchase is. 

When it comes to cars, it is also understandably reasonable to want to purchase a brand new car so that it provides you a sense of relief and credibility knowing that it has not gone through any type of accidents and that it is of excellent condition.

However, buying a used car is a better choice and here are some of the reasons why:

  1. Depreciation
    Cars are one of the assets that depreciates and a bulk of the depreciation tends to happen during the first couple of years after registration. It is often said that brand new cars depreciate up to 30% in just the first year.After calculating, you would realise that by opting for a used car, the previous owner would have paid that 30% depreciation on your behalf, and when you purchase it, it’d be 30% off its original price!
  2. Value for money
    Typically, there are used cars that are in tip top condition without any damages or mileage hacking. By opting for a used car, more often than not, your dream car would be a lot more affordable than it would have been if it was brand new. This would broaden your options to explore as well!
  3. Wider selection
    For makes and models that are no longer in production, that would mean it will be nearly impossible for you to purchase a brand new car of that particular model in Singapore but that doesn’t mean it’s unavailable in the used-car market. When looking for rare or limited edition cars, chances are the pre-owned market is your best choice if you missed the chance to get one when it was newly released.
  4. Less waiting time
    When buying a brand new car in Singapore, you would need to participate in a bi-monthly bidding process for the COE. Depending on the COE package that you choose, the process of bidding for one can also take up to several months. However, used cars are usually parked at the dealer’s showroom. All you have to do is to make payment, get the ownership transferred to you and drive off!
  5. Certified pre-owned options
    Lastly, we do understand how buying a used car would come with a lot of concerns, problems and uncertainties. At BW Automobiles, we are renowned for selling near-new luxury cars with transparency.- 80 Points STA Inspection with Free Reports- No Hidden & Admin Fee*
    – Excellent Showroom Condition
    – Pre-Owned Extended Warranty
    – Mechanical & General Repairs
    – Cosmetic & Paintwork Correction

Customers can send the cars to their preferred workshop for inspection as well! 

Head on down to our showroom today to view our cars or contact our Sales Consultants at 8826 8800 to find out more! 

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