Benefits of Owning a Car
Benefits of Owning a Car

Benefits of Owning a Car

9 October 2023

Being known for our efficient public transportation system, living in Singapore can make us question the necessity of owning a car. However, there will always be situations that will arise, proving that owning a car is beneficial for us in the long run.

Here are some of the benefits of owning a car in Singapore.

One of the most significant benefits of owning a car is the convenience and flexibility it provides us. It gives us the freedom to travel at our own pace and explore different destinations, even for places that might not be convenient with our public transport system.

Being dependent on our public transportation could also be detrimental to pre-planned schedules. When we travel by public transport, we always have to worry about not reaching on time.


In addition, owning a vehicle offers flexibility. During the monsoon season, avoiding getting drenched while travelling can be challenging. Using services like Grab can be costly, especially during poor weather conditions, potentially exceeding $50 per trip. 

For working adults, driving saves time in the morning, provides extra rest and time spent on preparation when running late.

Having your own vehicle saves valuable time, allowing more family engagement which improves the overall quality of life.

Ferrying elderly and kids
By owning a car, you can conveniently transport your family to and fro school or work. Simultaneously, you can attain greater peace of mind by personally taking your children to school. Although it may still entail higher costs compared to using school bus services or public transportation, having a car provides added flexibility and convenience. 

To cut down on car expenses, you may consider acquiring a pre-owned vehicle.

Owning a pre-owned vehicle cuts down on car expenses as the initial depreciation that occurs when a new car is driven off will have already been borne by the first buyer. Pre-owned cars typically have lower costs and insurance premiums, leading to significant savings.

Reputable dealers like BW Automobiles offer pre-owned luxury cars that extend huge savings compared to buying a brand new one.


Cars are undeniably costly, especially in Singapore. However, there are numerous intangible advantages associated with car ownership. 

Beyond those who use their cars as a means of earning an income, most of these benefits can be hard to quantify. Nonetheless, I believe that a significant number of owners would concur that owning a car adds substantial value to their quality of life, to an extent that justifies the cost of owning one.

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